Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vogue Chica

This is the fastest bracelet I ever come out with I gotta say, made in a couple of hours. Usually it takes me about 2 days to come out with one as I want my creation to be as perfect as it can be till I'm satisfied and plus I have time constraints with work and others. I created this for myself to test the gold-plated chain that I bought from Bangkok. I absolutely love this bracelet but unfortunately this is my second purchase of gold-plated chain that tarnish over time due to the high combination of alloys made in it in reaction to the oxygen, sulphur and moisture in the air. I'm afraid the whole gold chain shall be kept for myself till I find a better one.

However, no worries, I can still rock it with black, antique bronze and silver plated chains. ;)

Code: BR027/ Vogue chica
Materials used: Shell, pink acrylic dahlia cabochon, gold-plated filigree, lampwork beads, metal bead, acrylic beads, shell bead, glass pearls, antique bronze dragonfly, flower, leaf charm, gold hammered charm, antique bronze filigree ball, gold-plated chain
*Remake will be slightly different as the gold chain is not available at the moment as well as the big crystal bead that I ran out.