Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boho Teranian

Code: ER011/Boho Teranian
Materials used: Glass beads,shell beads, shell chips, seed beads, swarovski bicone, topaz gemstone
Price: RM17
Status: Sold

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vintage Garden

Another spring theme piece of bracelet perhaps? Not as colourful as my previous spring theme bracelets but love the simple yet vintage look of it. Inspiration came real quick for this piece and finish it faster than my other pieces.

Code: Vintage Garden/ BR031
Materials used:Glass beads, Acrylic flower beads, shell and turquoise chips, rhodonite pink bead, shell flower-shape bead, antique bronze filigree oval ball, gold dragonfly charm, antique bronze leaf charm
Price: RM 32
Status: Available

Monday, August 15, 2011

Merry Berry

At last, had some time for earrings! With 2 different colours this time. This is one of my favourites. Made one pair for myself. *giggles*

Code: Merry Berry 1/ ER009
Materials used: Cobalt blue and ruby bicones, seed beads, glass pearl, dark blue shimmering glass bead, mini gold butterfly and rose charm, gold metal bead, gold filigree
Price: RM17
Status: Available

Code: Merry Berry/ ER010
Materials used: Indian sapphire and burgundy bicones,seed beads, bronze sugar faux glass pearl, dark blue shimmering glass bead, mini gold butterfly and rose charm, gold metal bead, gold filigree
Price: RM17
Status: Sold, remake available

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Customization: Enamouredness

A piece that is finally made for my mum. She handpicked herself a few of the beads and flower that she wanted in the bracelet and I work on the mix and match with sophisticated colours of dark blue, maroon, pink and shell chips/beads finishing with a feel of attractiveness or under magical spell. Lol.. or is it just me feeling it? Anyway thus, there comes the word enamouredness when I was looking for a word to describe it. :)

Code: Enamouredness / BR030

Materials used: Glass beads, acrylic beads, shell chips/bead, antique brass filigree ball, various antique gold charm, metal bead, butterfly shell bead, polymer clay flower bead, gold metal plated chain

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Customization : Pink Affection

Code: Pink Affection/ BR029

Materials used: Antique silver filigree ball, acrylic bead, shell-chips, glass beads, swarovski bicone, flower shell bead, glass pearls, silver dragonfly and butterfly charm, silver metal link chain

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Customization: Passion Affection

Another long awaited set of bracelet and anklet finally complete ordered by my colleague for his fiance. He wanted Vogue Chica in purple and pink as it is her favourite colour. Hope she likes it. :)

Code: Passion Affection/ BR028

Materials used: Glass beads, Antique silver filigree ball, butterfly charm, mini rose charm, leaf charm, metal bead, acrylic diamond bead, polymer clay bead, shell beads, acrylic cabochon

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vogue Chica

This is the fastest bracelet I ever come out with I gotta say, made in a couple of hours. Usually it takes me about 2 days to come out with one as I want my creation to be as perfect as it can be till I'm satisfied and plus I have time constraints with work and others. I created this for myself to test the gold-plated chain that I bought from Bangkok. I absolutely love this bracelet but unfortunately this is my second purchase of gold-plated chain that tarnish over time due to the high combination of alloys made in it in reaction to the oxygen, sulphur and moisture in the air. I'm afraid the whole gold chain shall be kept for myself till I find a better one.

However, no worries, I can still rock it with black, antique bronze and silver plated chains. ;)

Code: BR027/ Vogue chica
Materials used: Shell, pink acrylic dahlia cabochon, gold-plated filigree, lampwork beads, metal bead, acrylic beads, shell bead, glass pearls, antique bronze dragonfly, flower, leaf charm, gold hammered charm, antique bronze filigree ball, gold-plated chain
*Remake will be slightly different as the gold chain is not available at the moment as well as the big crystal bead that I ran out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Snow Bliss

Code: BR026/ Snow Bliss
Materials used: Glass pearls, glass bead, acrylic bead, cats eye, gemstone, butterfly charms
Price: RM26
Status: Sold

Sunday, September 19, 2010


My first customize set for a friend's mum as she love the Oceanic Garden but wanted it simplier with gold version. It was quite challenging as I've never thought of using gold chain with dark-blue. The outcome was really satisfying for me :)

Materials used: Shell beads, lampwork beads, glass beads, shell-chips, gold metal bead, acrylic bead, gold links, gold flower filigree, polymer clay flower, gold leaf charm, gold-metal chain

Code: N001/Ocean Voguish

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunshine in my window

I've never really like yellow or orange colour but this is a really colourful and cute piece all put together. Very nice ;)

Code: BR025/ Sunshine in my window
Materials used: Shell bead, shell- chips, acrylic beads, glass beads, metal beads, rainbow charm, leaf charm, pink acrylic dahlia cabochon, seed beads, lampwork bead, polymer clay bead
Price: RM32
Status: Reserved